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Anger by Sean Graham

Hovering across a peninsula of
Anti-blue pilled Pen pushing white color -
 I bite lemons and swallow bitter pips
And spit with a perpendicular fist to
Frust my frustrations
FUCK the boss!
Fill the forms
Tick the lists as this shitsticks
Lipstick kiss statistics
wanna role off the Radar 
Radio waves be clocking my behaviour
Violent vapours rip through veins
Vengeance is a force withIn like Darkvader

Fear is force... Unwilling to yield
Freedom is a choice.. Waiting to heal it's scars
Anger has a voice.. Grrrrrrhh
Self-defense can be more defiant than nature

A mother's dark womb
Light flees for safety
Like life finds no place among tombs

A cave that echoes
A rage that bellows 
Down to the valley's
And shakes leaves from their tree.
As if the climate wasn't cold enough

emptiness unfilled
But only, but only with feathers sticks and stones
Rubble rumbles through hollow marrowless bones
bloodless bones
Rattling with vengeance bones that have b…

a poem by Cherrelle Skeete

Her back pack is ready and on the first few steps into the exploration Cherrelle comes to a rehearsal andshares this poem...
Untitled Being past the point of explaining, I am swollen and cant inhale any peace, 'cause what started as a thought of injustice 
has landed on Hemoglobin and is rolling around my body, eyes now razors, nostrils push out the steam, my body in in sync, heart,mind ,spirit one team,
This fury is warrior me
not permitting the undeserving to help themselves to a buffet of me, smiling back nicely to make them feel easy, the avenger of Jyoti!
My pussy is my weapon and i am as bright as the sun, No Super Saiyan could test how high i rise, And still i rise.
Good!  it is ugly,it aint dainty, its wild and weighty, it cleanses and flushes like the hot water springs  see how the water runs clean? oh so necessary
Written and performed by Cherrelle Skeete©

Rehearsal Journal - KTP

Wednesday 6th March 2013
"Spending though provoking, discovery and creative time with the Madams who are Zena Edwards and Cherrelle Skeete and the Monsieur who is Sean Graham.........AHhhhhh (pronounced as if you have just sat down on the sofa wiv a nice cuppa) 
Exploring these ideas further, beginning to translate them into languages of spoken word and movement, investigating and questioning options of narrative, emotion and character and pondering creative choices with said artists..........NnnnnN (pronounced as if you were offered toasted tea cakes over crumpets with your cuppa, and you're not sure you agree but feel it would be rude to 'just' disagree)

Showtime arriving almost abruptly, pieces mostly at first draft-with a few tweaks and reworks here and some cutting, splicing and editing there. Going up with a strong scratch/work in progress thats really positively received and accomplishing powerful praise and encouraging feedback from a modest audience yet us peop…

Fury Project Rehearsal 8th March 13

Sean Graham(choreographer & devisor) and Cherrelle Skeete (choreographer & devisor) devise and rehearse for the show the next day at the Canada Water Cultural Space. The soundscape of the two of them discussing anger and relationships revealed a language personal to each of them. Katie Pearson (director) drew out the lexicon of the movement.

What My Anger Does To Me

A short poem about  a woman's anger unchecked.
Written and performed by Zena Edwards©